About Us

Higher web traffic – Higher conversion rate – Higher profits!


Professional Web Design and SEO firm


Main objective


To develop a standard or ecommerce website that reflects your desires, personality and business goals whilst ensuring reliability and user friendliness. We also ensure that all our websites are ‘SEO Friendly’ in order to rank higher for search engines leading to higher leads and higher profits!


We specialise in servicing Small to Medium sized business,



IT Dynamo has brought together professionals with exposure in many fields and coupled them with efficient and ethical SEO experts in order to best service you, the client.


At IT Dynamo we don’t work for you, we work with you. We pride ourselves on being a one stop shop for all your website needs specialising in Web Design and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). We take the time to learn your business, find who you competitors are and learn from you what it is you want to achieve. We then specifically tailor a package that is best suited to your individual needs.


Martin Melrose; Sales


“I was sick and tired of having so called SEO experts not understanding any of my businesses. While their knowledge of SEO was good they weren’t able to relate it to my fields and left me with a lot of frustration. Our team was brought together from a diverse range of professional fields including banking, trading, shipping, relocations, storage, retail, hospitality, zookeeping, tourism and IT. We found that while there were many IT/SEO ‘experts’ out in cyber land, barely any were able to relate and sympathise with our industry, know our business relationships, target our competitors and understand our goals; that’s why I joined IT Dynamo. We know what it is you’re trying to achieve, we know who your competitors are and we know how to beat them!”


Nathan Smith; Operations :


“Joining IT Dynamo was a no-brainer. Throughout my professional career I noticed that no IT company was proficient in the Big 3; Web Design, Search Engine Optimisation and Marketing. Many companies out there are very good at 1 or 2 of these fields but a successful outfit needs to be able to adapt their product/services to all 3. It is no good having a good looking site that people can’t find, just the same as there is no point in having a high ranking site that doesn’t have a good conversion rate i.e. doesn’t convert its traffic into sales. IT Dynamo is proud to be able to boast that we are good at the Big 3 because we’re not just IT trained, we’re business and life trained and that’s why we’re able to offer a first class service at a reasonable price.”